Imagine finding the means to open your store in the heart of New York City-over 8 million strong and millions of tourists annually. Thanks to internet sales (eCommerce) your market can include not only New York City and its tourists, but every one of those 135 million U.S. citizens who have become buyers, sellers and lookers (eShoppers) on the internet every day.

e$ale$ $trategie$, LLC is dedicated to focusing on increasing your sales by assisting you with a Internet sales strategy that makes the distance between consumers and your storefront irrelevant.  We bring the expertise and technology to increase your sales while bringing each transaction to a totally safe and secure conclusion.  We offer design, development and hosting of a variety of Store Front Website  levels and consignment eSales of your inventory through eBay.

Be Positioned for Success
As the consumer buying habits shift to a shop at home environment, Internet Store Fronts are going to become an essential part of the shop owners marketing strategy.  Today more than ever, successful shop owners are leveraging expert eSales assistance to achieve their objectives.

We Help You Meet the Challenge
Our team of professionals not only understands the finer nuances of Internet Marketing, but also can help define key issues, present alternative strategies, and work with all levels of your staff.

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